About Us


About Us

CareLike® is a data & technology company. Our mission is to develop and maintain the most comprehensive, accurate and up to date post-acute care database and user-friendly search function. We license our database and build search portals for companies whose stakeholders need a tool like ours. End users of CareLike Data can include:

  • Hospital & insurance case managers
  • Physicians
  • Caregivers
  • Patient counselors & advocates
  • Patients
CareLike is NOT:
  • A referral generation company.
  • A call center
  • Case management counseling company

What makes CareLike different to the service providers with listings in our database? We do not charge service providers to be listed and we do not get paid for generating referrals. CareLike strives to include all service providers within existing categories and encourage businesses to complete their business profiles with as many details about their business as possible at no charge.

By removing referral dollars from the equation CareLike can serve the most objective and comprehensive search results around.