About Us


CareLike Mission Statement

Our quest at CareLike is to develop and maintain the nation’s most robust, accurate and comprehensive online repository for health and community based resources, enabling health care professionals, insurers, patients and families to identify, individualized care for patients and their unique needs.

About CareLike LLC

CareLike LLC, is a data and technology services company that provides access to detailed data on more than 25 categories of providers and 250,000 healthcare services providers. This data helps consumers and professionals make informed decisions about care and support providers in their local communities for services such as elderly care, Alzheimer’s patient care, transitional care, diabetes care and many others. CareLike makes this information available to clients through branded websites, API access for integration into their private systems and to the public through a website search tool. These platforms also provide an advertising opportunity for the various provider entities that wish to reach a qualified audience of professionals and consumers.

The CareLike database serves as a comprehensive provider search solution for health plans, call centers, patient advocacy groups, employee assistance programs and consumer information publishers.